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CraftingFire is all about the incredible PVP experience and having a great time building a faction with friends and finding ways to make money in our chest shops or maybe, start your own chest shop!

 We have some great HG (Hunger Games) arenas and different styled TDM (Team Death Match) and CTF (Capture The Flag) scenarios, from a castle siege to a WWI trench battle field.

Or, if PVP is not your thing but you still want to win?  Our Walls PVP match is your thing.  If you can mine more than anyone else in this game, then you will be ready to destroy the others.  After 15 minutes, the walls lower and you will be released to destroy the competition and win!

If you are not big on fighting all of the amazing players in PVP, try our MA (Mob Arena) where you can be a "Mob Fighting Gladiator" and fight mob advancing levels and earning prizes the higher you go up.   However, you will have to fight the extreme mob bosses and the super slime rushes in your quaint little town with a flower shop, library and some great sniping locations on the roofs.

All in all, we have all you need for a true MineCraft experience. Anything you are not sure about or you think would be a cool addition to CraftingFire.com, you can ask an admin on the server or email craftingfire@gmail.com to improve your wonderful experience.

                                                                Thank You                                                                                    -all of us at CraftingFire.com       

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